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90-Second Newberys From St. Andrews Episcopal School, 2015!

For the past few years I’ve received submissions for the 90-Second Newbery Film Festival from the talented students at St. Andrews Episcopal School in Saratoga, California. It’s always a quality crop! Let’s check out this year’s movies.

The above movie was an adaptation of Carl Hiaasen’s 2003 Honor Book Hoot, made by Alex and Ankith! Everyone played multiple roles very well, and I loved the lizards in the toilet! Great use of musical cues. I chuckled when I saw the owl food was just a piece of crumpled paper labeled “meat”—and ah, that climactic arrival of the owl!

Here’s another Hoot . . . this time in Minecraft, by Luke and Kyle!

It’s always a treat when folks use Minecraft to make 90-Second Newberys. There are so many things you can do. This is another example of making good use of the limitless nature of the medium to tell the story!

Next up is Jenni Holm’s 2011 Honor Book Turtle in Paradise by Maya and Laura:

Gets off to a very clear start, is coherent and understandable throughout! Great green screen work. Good zoom when the treasure is found! I liked the dialogue of “maybe it is just like a Hollywood picture! If you just believe—” “MONEY!” And in that outtake at tend, was that girl’s braids being used for . . . a beard?? Ingenious!

Here’s another Turtle in Paradise, this time by Sloane, Clara, and Priscilla:

Very resourceful to use the pool for that “boat” scene! Some favorite lines: “I’m here to rescue you, Turtle! I’m definitely not your father. Do you know what I am? SUSPICIOUS!” And I also liked the line “We don’t need money to be happy! We just need love!” followed by a “Yeah, right!” WITH A SWORD. Good job!

Finally, here’s Jack Gantos’ 2012 Medal Winner Dead End in Norvelt by Bhrugu, Catherine, Matthew, and Thomas:

I loved how the Hell’s Angels are indicated by Wham!’s “Careless Whisper.” The multiple incantations of FAIL! were funny too. I liked the line “Jack is caught in a mystery between old ladies and poison!” The use of that soapbox derby car was amazing . . . especially when they both fall off it at the end . . .

Thanks again for a lot of great 90-Second Newberys, St. Andrews! Looking forward to seeing what you put out next year!