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The Order of Oddfish


Order of Odd-Fish Art From Dubois, PA!

On April 23, 2014 I had the pleasure of doing an author visit at Dubois Area Middle School in Dubois, Pennsylvania. (That’s pronounced “due-boys,” and not “due-bwah,” as I was quickly corrected.)

The students there were not only a friendly and receptive audience, but a few weeks after my presentation, they were kind enough to send me all this great Order of Odd-Fish fan art! I was blown away! It’s an impressive haul! I’d like to share it all with you here. There are way too many pieces of art for me to do detailed comments on each one, but just let it be said, I’m awed and gratified by all the talent and craft on display here. Thanks, Dubois Area Middle School! I’m looking forward to coming back again someday.

Now, to the art! Let’s start with this amazing picture of Sefino, by Jacob Rupert:

Jo and Ian ride an elephant around the streets of Eldritch City, by Alexis Maze:

Jo, Ian, and Colonel Korsakov hunting the Schwenk, by Blaze Welpott:

The Ichthala rampages around Eldritch City, by Josiah Connor:

Aunt Lily standing on a table at her costume party, throwing records, by Alyvia Knisey:

The giant fish vomits the Odd-Fish lodge, by Paige Force:

Mr. Cavendish’s flying head at the Dust Creek Cafe, by Emma Reed:

Mr. Cavendish’s head flying around the Dust Creek Cafe, by Andrea Bankovich:

Ken Kiang gets his steak knife, by Nic Tate:

Jo, Ian, and Dugan play pool at the lodge, by Mercedes Raab:

Our heroes listen as Ken Kiang taunts them on the plane, by Brooke Long:

Mr. Cavendish’s disembodied head in a box, by Legend Perry:

Giant fish eats Korsakov’s plane, by Erin Wilderoter:

The Belgian Prankster with his kitten blood (and, yeesh, the kittens he got it from):

Attacked by Ken Kiang, by Kaitlin States:

Mr. Cavendish’s head flying around the Dust Creek Cafe, by Ali Martin:

Squires come into the closet, by Chelsea Desalve:

Giant fish vomits lodge, by Alex Gribik:

Flying Korsakov’s plane past the giant fish, by Alaina Heberling:

Listening to Ken Kiang’s taunts on Korsakov’s plane, by Taylor Charles:

Mr. Cavendish’s head flying around the Dust Creek Cafe, by Alexis Strouse:

Portrait of Jo, by Michaela Knapp:

Jo on an ostrich, by Jimmy Oberlin:

Aunt Lily’s magic show at the Dust Creek Cafe, by Trulee S.:

Getting taunted by Ken Kiang, by Molly Scheffler:

The Silent Sisters surrounded the Hazelwoods’ house, by Noah Knarr:

Thanks so much for all this great art, Dubois!