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The Order of Oddfish


Sweet release

August 21, 2008

Thanks to everyone who came to the release party for The Order of Odd-Fish! I’m lucky to have such supportive friends.


I’m on the left, Zach Dodson is in the middle, and members of the improv team Bella are on the right. Thanks to Zach for setting this all up, to Jonathan Messinger for being a great emcee, and to Bella for their hilarious improv. (As it turned out, I knew one of their members from back in Second City in Detroit.)


After Bella, Brilliant Pebbles played, and then Art School Band. Not soon after they began, one careened off the stage and bashed his face on the ground. I think he was okay in the end. I remember them from last year’s Hideout Block Party — when they were called Punk Band — successfully convincing many in the crowd that they were Art Brut. While Art Brut was on the other stage. Cheeky!


Philip gave me a very kind speech of congratulations in the middle of the set. Unfortunately I was frantically messing with my cables through most of it. Here I look like I’m being electrocuted by them.

After the music everyone hung out outside and talked until they closed down for the night. I’ve been on a high ever since.