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The talented Joe Conserti

September 18, 2008

I’ve been meaning to post about Joe Conserti for a while. He’s done some gorgeous posters for Brilliant Pebbles. I’m told he draws them freehand, in pen, within minutes. Here’s his poster for when we opened for Bobby Conn’s 40th birthday concert:


And — my favorite — Brilliant Pebbles reimagined in Dungeons & Dragons style:


Here I think Monika is a dark elf, Sam is a lawful evil cleric, Philip is a sturdy dwarf, and I’m a kind of magic user. Fantastic work, Joe!


Another talented friend-of-the-band is Stuart Tiffen, an up-and-coming reporter who wrote an article about Brilliant Pebbles for the “Windy Citizen” newspaper. (Lordy, though, that’s a terrible name for a newspaper). He saw us open for Dengue Fever and came to the Secret Chiefs 3 show to interview us. Stuart also attended one of our rehearsals, and he made a flash presentation about Brilliant Pebbles. Click on the little red planet to see the video interview part.


Thanks for making us look good, Joe and Stuart!