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The Order of Oddfish


A “Scathing” Review. Plus: Laughing Lucy!

November 10, 2009

Tom Spicer, teen librarian at the Arlington Heights Memorial Library, has done a hilarious video booktalk that is an utterly withering, brutal review of The Order of Odd-Fish.

“I am here to tell you,” he begins, “about an completely normal book by a completely normal author.” It’s the only book review I’ve seen where the reviewer uses a human anatomy chart to make their argument, or where the reviewer gets shot with an Apology Gun. Thanks, Tom! But you don’t fool me. I saw what you said in the School Library Journal.

As friends of the blog know, my wife and I have a newborn baby, Lucy. Now I promised myself that I wouldn’t let pictures and videos of Lucy take over the blog. And so far I think I’ve been admirably restrained. But the occasional progress report must certainly be permitted, especially when Lucy hits a milestone like this—her first real snorting, giggling, infectious laughter—courtesy of my protégées Freya and Theo:

Theo was able to accomplish this by repeatedly putting a stuffed dog toy on his head and letting it fall off. Lucy’s reaction: COMEDY GOLD!

Well done, Theo. But why doesn’t it work when I do it? I must be too sternly paternal.

UPDATE: Matt Mayes, one of the geniuses behind the brewing of Belgian Prankster beer, suggests playing both videos simultaneously. Lucy insolently snickers in the background while Tom Spicer barks “No laughing!” It’s a new laugh track for a new millennium.