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The Order of Oddfish


Odd-Fish Art: Guns and Dolls!

March 22, 2010


Whoa! Imagine my delighted shock when I got this entry for April 17’s Order of Odd-Fish art show spectacular: the Apology Gun from Sir Festus’ collection of ludicrous weaponry!

The gun is four and a half feet long. I love the bristling spikes, the flared end, the threatening ferocity of it!

I had the honor of meeting the artist Amanda Baylie (a.k.a. Hollywood Horrorz) at a recent high school visit. She made the gun purposely beat up and aged looking (spot welds, rusted metal, etc.), since the weapon has been handed down through generations of squires. Not visible in this photo is the detail she built onto the top of the gunstock: a switch for setting the intent of the apology from “sincere” to “sarcastic”. Brilliant!

Amanda says that future models of the “Apology Gun of Epic-ness” might include an actual way to fire apologies. OH YES PLEASE DO THIS. Thank you, Amanda, for an amazing piece!

Going from totally fierce to totally cute, here are two beautiful chibi dolls of Jo by the impressively talented Kenta-Rin of DeviantArt. First, Jo in her waitress uniform from the Dust Creek Cafe:


And Jo in costume armor as Aznath, the Silver Kitten of Deceit. Hold on to your hats:


These are beautiful, beautiful! I love the idea of chibi-fying characters; especially how the Aznath Jo is both cute AND fierce! (And is that wind-blown hair?)

That elaborate silver kitten armor rocks my socks—the paw gauntlets, the beaded chain mail and helmet, the silver crisscross mesh, the chest plate, the lance—it’s really a triumph. Kenta-Rin wrote, “This is the most complicated doll I have ever done.” Thank you, Kenta-Rin, for an amazing job!

The waitress Jo has this innocent look to her that’s a great contrast to the armored Jo. I like the idea of two dolls of the same character in different clothes. It gives a great sense of how Jo has changed throughout the story.

I’m table-poundingly proud to have three-dimensional art like these dolls and the Apology Gun for the art show. The response I’ve received from so many artists has been beyond any reasonable expectation. Thank you—stay tuned for more Odd-Fish art to come.