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The Order of Oddfish


Dome of Doom video explanation, plus the Odd-Fish art of Dawn Heath!

April 7, 2010

The Dome of Doom art show / costumed dance party is only 10 days away! Some people have been confused as to what exactly will happen at the Dome of Doom. Collaboraction and I made this video to explain. Watch it, and see me dance like an idiot! A fierce idiot. (Special thanks to dancer Susan Steinke, referee Sam Porretta, and cameraman Anthony Moseley!)

It’s a costumed battle-dancing tournament. Come dressed as some kind of fighter—a boxer, a wizard, a scorpion, whatever—and you will be put the ring to battle-dance against other fighters. The champion of the tournament will be sacrificed to the gods! There will be 64 fighters, and slots are filling fast.

Now, you don’t have to fight or come in costume, but . . .

You get into the Dome of Doom free if you register to fight! Ordinary tickets are $15 (with promotional code 185). But if you register to fight in time to grab one of those 64 slots, you’re in for free! To register, email your real name, your fighting persona, and a picture (if possible; that can come later) to

To see how a sample fight goes down, check out the video above. Full details about the Dome of Doom (including location, times, etc.) here.

But wait, this isn’t just a dance party, it’s an Order of Odd-Fish fan art gallery show! And Professionals Week continues with today’s art from Dawn Heath. She’s an art teacher and illustrator, and you can see more of her work at her website. Check out this GORGEOUS GENIUS:

Once again, a blazingly talented artist has reached directly into my imagination and created precisely what I’d been dreaming about! It’s the Odd-Fish feast from when Jo first comes to Eldritch City, and it’s everything I wanted: raucous, fantastical, yet homey and goofy. Clearly, Dawn read the scene carefully: the knights and squires are all seated where the text implies, and there’s tons of little details: Dame Delia’s snake, Sir Oliver’s many hats, bald Sir Alasdair, the cracked mirrors and pictures, the feast robes with epaulettes and turbans! I have stared at this for minutes on end, always finding something new. I particularly love the little cockroach on the microphone in the alcove, the other one asleep under the table, and yet another trying to catch Dame Delia’s snake. A masterpiece! This really sums up the rollicking spirit I tried to create.

But wait, Dawn’s not done yet!

It’s Jo Hazelwood in the archives, with the coded manuscript from her father. Take a close look at that manuscript: Dawn took the trouble of figuring out the code of colors from the book, and applied it to the book Jo is holding! This portrait feels like a picture of a medieval saint. I love Jo’s grave yet calm demeanor, the colorful books in the background, and that exquisitely-worked-out manuscript she’s holding. Another triumph!

Do check out Dawn’s web site. I met her through SCBWI too, and I foresee great things for her as an illustrator. (Agents! Editors! Catch this rising star.) Dawn says she has one more painting for me, and I can’t wait to see it. THANKS!