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The Order of Oddfish


Sammi Riff’s Odd-Fish art

May 6, 2010


The Order of Odd-Fish fan art show has come and gone, but I got so busy I didn’t have a chance to blog about all the art! Today I want to focus on the talented Sammi Riff, whose work can be found at DeviantArt as “Authoress-Feind.”

Check out her picture of the Schwenk above! It’s like a technicolor Pegasus, a fierce, rainbow-drenched hallucination. I particularly like its mischievous smirk!


Here’s Lily Larouche’s ruby palace. With an economy of shapes and a kind of suggestive impressionism, Sammi makes us feel the isolation of Jo’s home in the desert. I like how the palace’s darkness gives it a threatening, forbidding feeling, as though there really might be a dangerous baby in there. The cactus in the foreground is an adroit touch, making us feel the vast distance between us and the palace. Well done!

Here’s a landscape of Eldritch City at night:


I like the lurching angles of the buildings and the storm of pastel dots bubbling up from below. The sky, with the concentric circles, reminds me of a van Gogh sky. Mysterious and slightly surreal . . .

This next one makes me smile:

It’s the cockroach butlers of the Odd-Fish praising their Hat of Honor, just before dumping it on Jo’s head. I love the monocles, the waistcoats, the bottles of moonshine, the bow ties, the singing and walking-sticks and dancing . . . especially how Jo is speechless and Ian is laughing next to her. This is pretty much exactly how I imagined the scene!


. . . And here’s Jo after the cockroaches have thrust the Hat of Honor onto her: glum, exasperated, and embarrassed as she’s weighed down by the massive, Seussian hat. Five wonderful pieces! I was proud to put them in the show.

Thanks, Sammi, for your fantastic (and prolific!) Odd-Fish art. I wish you could’ve attended and met all the other artists. Then again, Sammi’s having a pretty awesome life in Montana. Reading her blog, I found out that Sammi spent last weekend exploring a ghost town.

COLOR ME EXTREMELY JEALOUS. Actually, I once spent a summer living in Montana, waiting tables and hiking Glacier National Park. It was one of the best summers of my life. Spending a day exploring a ghost town sounds perfect to me. Where do I sign up?