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The Order of Oddfish


The Odd-Fish art of Breanna Bliss

May 27, 2010


UPDATE! To my astonishment, people are actually bidding on the chance to have dinner with me dressed as Audrey Niffenegger. As of this writing, this instance was bid up to $30, and this one is bid up to $20. So that’s $50 raised for the Evanston Public Library. As far as transvestites go, I’m a pretty cheap date. Or a cheap, pretty date. Everyone wins?

I still haven’t posted all the art from April’s spectacular Order of Odd-Fish fan art gallery show. Here’s three late entries from Breanna Bliss, a.k.a. “I Was Bibliomaniac” on DeviantArt. Above: a kind of LP album cover for a theoretical Odd-Fish album? I’d love to hear Nora, Ian, Jo and Audrey singing in four-part harmony. I also like the Eldritch City fashions: waistcoat-centric for the ladies, and a cropped collar for Ian. Bravo!

Breanna got in touch with me a while ago and we had a spirited email exchange—indeed, she’s a hilarious emailer. When I asked if I could put her art in the Odd-Fish gallery show, she wrote back, awash in italics and bolds, “I feel so unbelievably happy that I am simply OOZING bliss from every single pore. Thank you very much then! You do that, and my astral projection will watch, tears of utter joy streaming down my face. OR, IN THIS CASE, MY SOUL’S FACE. I anticipate they will fill several buckets, two (2) Hefty bags, and—just maybe—ONE (1) KORSAKOV DUODENUM. I will then put these tears in five (5) aerosol cans and mist myself and anyone else present with the tears as I sing a heart-wrenching rendition of ‘Dancing in the Rain’.

Needless to say, receiving emails like this makes me extremely happy.

Also what makes me happy: Breanna’s collection of Odd-Fish-inspired sketches:


I love the unwieldy absurdity of Jo’s Hat of Honor (which, according to Breanna, includes “a watermelon, a lemon, a biscuitsword, a Cavendish head, an Aznath Silver Kitten of Deceit, a Ken Kiang symbol, a fish vomiting a lodge, an Awesome Face, a pie, and the Belgian Prankster’s goggles.”). Jo’s slightly peeved expression is priceless.

Also FTW: Korsakov and Sefino “gallivanting,” Korsakov enjoying his digestion, Nora enjoying her conspiracy theory, and the demon not enjoying potato chips. And it’s all done in such a lively, bustling style. Great work! (I also like how, whenever Breanna draws Nora, she always hides Nora’s hands. It’s irresistibly cute.)

Here’s one more sketch from Breanna Bliss, from the Mr.-Cavendish’s-flying-head scene (By the way: Breanna Bliss? Brilliant name. With a moniker like that, you can’t go too far wrong in life):


I think it’s cool how Breanna takes excerpts from the text and wraps them around different elements of the illustration. Few have attempted to draw the Dust Creek Cafe scene—I don’t know why! Breanna gives it the treatment it deserves: the blissful look on Cavendish’s face, Jo’s nonplussed startled gawping, and the Belgian Prankster’s mischievous chuckling, all splendidly done.

Thanks, Breanna! When the art is this good, I don’t mind it being a little late!