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The Order of Oddfish


Avant-Garde Pies Week, Part 2

June 4, 2010


The auction for Evanston Public Libraries is over. They raised $39,000! My ridiculous “Night with Audrey Niffenegger as Played by James Kennedy” contributed a tiny bit. Two nights, actually: it sold for $60 to someone called “Mamaro” and for $65 to someone called “lmur988”. I really hope one of those people is secretly Audrey Niffenegger. Our dinner would be a total Niffeneggerammerung. Margo Gremmler has the wrap-up here.

Earlier this week I kicked off “Avant-Garde Pies Week” by featuring Mason’s drawings of strange pies from Odd-Fish. For Part 2 of “Avant-Garde Pies Week,” check out these amazing actual pies created by fifth graders at Near North Montessori! They’ve been reading The Order of Odd-Fish for class, using my Odd-Fish reader’s guide and curriculum. As a fun project, some students baked actual avant-garde pies from the notorious La Société des Friandises Étranges visited by Ken Kiang and Hoagland Shanks.

Above: a kind of video game pie. Deliciously brilliant. And they only get more avant-garde. I give you the “pi pie”–which is filled with baked apples cut into the shapes of the first ten or so digits of pi:

pi_pie_alone pi_pie_with_maker

That is seriously clever! I don’t think I even knew what pi was in fifth grade!

Next: have you ever heard of synesthesia? It’s when you can taste colors, or hear smells, or smell shapes–when the different senses get mixed up. I have a feeling that’s what would happen if we ate this rainbow pie:

rainbow_pie_alone rainbow_pie_w_maker

That looks gorgeous and tasty. But save room for the mud pie and the street pie!

mud_pie export_pie_alone

I love the Gummi worms poking out of the mud pie, and the traffic jam on the street pie. Great job, Near North Montessori! I think you all deserve a place in Mason’s “Order of Pie.” These fifth graders came on a field trip to the Order of Odd-Fish art show, so I recognize the faces in these pictures. I’m honored you did this.

Thanks again, and thanks to Cynthia Castiglione, one of the teachers at Near North Montessori, for setting this all up. What a great idea!