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The Order of Oddfish


It’s a Girl!

January 7, 2011

Another DAUGHTER is on the way! What you see above is the ultrasound image of the latest addition to our family. We didn’t know until just recently whether it would be a boy or a girl. But as you can tell from this ultrasound, it’s now totally obvious.

This baby better bring her A-game, though. She’s got a tough act to follow.

Oh, Lucy, Lucy. You’ve had almost two years of our undivided attention (not to mention a hard-to-top birth story that involves a spectacular water-breaking during Scrabble, a Twilight-hating anesthesiologist, and the doctor getting sprayed with a faceful of blood). When your little sister comes, you’re not going to know what hit you. Okay, I’ll stop before I turn into a complete daddy-blogger.

A couple events for those of you in Chicago: my friend Paul Hornschemeier, who is not only a staggeringly talented graphic novelist but also did the cover of the paperback of The Order of Odd-Fish, is featured in an exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art here in Chicago called “New Chicago Comics.” Other featured artists are Lilli Carré, Jeffrey Brown, and Anders Nilsen, all of whom have done work I admire, and indeed own. The show runs January 8-30. If you’re in Chicago, go! Heather and I will be at the opening tonight.

Speaking of events this weekend, I’ll be reading this Sunday at Curbside Splendor’s “Two With Water Rx” series at the Beauty Bar (1444 W. Chicago Ave., Chicago) with Sharon Bentley and Leslie Perrine, from 7-9 pm. The Beauty Bar is the kind of place where you can get a manicure while drinking a martini. I will be doing neither, but I will enjoy the scene.

And now here’s another thing that made me very, very happy: some delicious Order of Odd-Fish fan art by Jude Thomas (xtimothyx on DeviantArt)! It’s (from left to right) Ken Kiang, Sefino, Jo, Ian, Colonel Korsakov, and Aunt Lily:

Jude’s style catches so well the goofy, off-kilter style I was going for in the book. I love all the characters he’s drawn here, but the Sefino is definitely my favorite, especially the way he’s holding up a claw in outrage. They all seem touched with manic insanity. I like in particular the way Aunt Lily is waving—not waving to anyone in particular, just waving at empty space, smiling at something she remembered once . . . perfect for her character. And Jo’s wry smirk is bang-on too. I could go on and on!

When I get art like this, I can’t tell you how lucky I feel. To see the characters of Odd-Fish through the prism of an artist’s imagination is a privilege, especially when it’s an artist as good as Jude. THANK YOU, Jude.