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The Order of Oddfish


Reading Bride of the Tornado tomorrow in Chicago, and Odd-Fish Art of Adam Archer

January 5, 2015

Wow, check out at that great Order of Odd-Fish fan art above, by artist and author Adam Archer! I have many compliments to say about it below. But first, two other things. Read on!

FIRST: Expect a meatier post later this week regarding our upcoming 90-Second Newbery Film Festival screenings. This year’s screenings are going to be a doozy! For those of you still working on your movies, remember, the extended deadline this year is JANUARY 16. We already have a lot of great submissions this year, keep them coming!

SECOND, FOR CHICAGOANS: I’ll be reading an excerpt from my just-completed novel, Bride of the Tornado, this Tuesday (1/6/2015) at Tuesday Funk, a great reading series at the incomparable Hopleaf Bar. Come for the readings, stay for the insane variety of beers! (The last time I did a reading at Tuesday Funk, it was this first chapter of my eternally-in-progress sci-fi novel The Magnificent Moots synched with a bonkers video. No multimedia assist this time, but I promise it will be just as weird.)

And now—at last!—let’s talk about that great Odd-Fish art above! Again, it’s by Adam Archer, artist and author of The Terrible Terrible Lake and The Bones of Lampus Haddly.

As I said on Adam’s DeviantArt page, he really nailed just how I thought Jo would look, especially her calm-but-wary facial expression/body language. Portraying her laying on the floor with the fish in the background was inspired—the way he contrasts those colors really makes it pop out in such an engaging way. But would you expect any less from him? This guy is a penciller, inker, colorist, and artist for DC Comics. I’m honored he took the time to make this art for my book!

Thanks so much, Adam! Now, off to do last-minutes edits on Bride of the Tornado before tomorrow’s reading. Aw, what the heck—here, for old times’ sake, is the video of the last time I read at Tuesday Funk: