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The Order of Oddfish


I have a new short story in the sci-fi anthology Improbable Botany. Support it on Kickstarter!

July 13, 2017

Hey, I have a new short story! It’s featured in the upcoming short story collection Improbable Botany, which is a Kickstarter project started by my friend Heather Ring at Wayward. There’s a charming and ingenious video above to get a sense of what it’s about.

If you support the project on Kickstarter here, you can get your own copy of this beautifully illustrated book! But the campaign ends July 26, 2017, so best to act quick . . .

Improbable Botany is a new science fiction anthology about alien plant conquests, fantastical ecosystems, and all manner of bizarre vegetables, flowers, and fruits. It features new short stories by ten multi-award winning science fiction authors: Ken MacLeod, Cherith Baldry, Eric Brown, Simon Morden, Adam Roberts, Stephen Palmer, Justina Robson, Tricia Sullivan, Lisa Tuttle . . . and yes, me!

The book has been edited by Gary Dalkin, a former judge of the Arthur C. Clarke Award and former editor of Vector: The Critical Journal of the British Science Fiction Association.

Improbable Botany features gorgeous jacket artwork, along with six full-color illustrations, by Jonathan Burton—whose work has been featured by The Folio Society, Penguin Books, BAFTA, HarperCollins, Random House and The New York Times.

For instance, here’s Burton’s illustration for my own short story, “Advent”:

As I said, the book is being produced by Wayward, which is a London-based landscape, art and architecture practice—an award-winning collective of designers, artists and urban growers. Since 2006, Wayward has transformed derelict sites into large-scale, design-driven spaces for local communities.

If you liked The Order of Odd-Fish, or enjoy any kind of mind-bending, whimsical, and speculative fiction, you’ll love this book. There are also exclusive backer-only pledge awards, including limited edition A2 art prints of the book’s illustrations, such as the excellent illustration from my own story “Advent,” above. You can see all the illustrations, and learn more, at the project’s Kickstarter page, but don’t delay—the campaign runs out on July 26, 2017!