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The Utah 2020 90-Second Newbery Film Festival: Online Screening!

October 5, 2020

Here’s another online screening of the 90-Second Newbery Film Festival! Back in the spring, we had planned to do live screenings in Utah at the Salt Lake City Public Library, Orem Public Library, and Ogden Treehouse Museum. Obviously, the pandemic made that impossible . . .

Instead, Utah Humanities has arranged this ALL-UTAH ONLINE screening of the 90-Second Newbery Film Festival!

In the hourlong video above, join me and Keir Graff (author of the brand-new The Tiny Mansion and many other great books) as we watch the best kid-made 90-Second Newbery videos . . . all of them from Utah! You’ll find great movies made by kids from Orem Elementary School, C.S. Lewis Academy, Delta City Library, the Treehouse Museum in Ogden, the Open Classroom Charter School, and other places around Utah.

As a bonus, Keir and I also open the show with a brief skit that investigates the mysterious downfalls of previous participants in the 90-Second Newbery over the past ten years. Thanks to Freya Trefonides, Domingo Norborg, Amalia Norborg, and of course Keir Graff for being part of it!

Want to learn more about the 90-Second Newbery Film Festival? Maybe you even want to make a movie for next year’s screenings? Check out our official website at The deadline for submitting movies for next year is January 15, 2021.

In the meantime, sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!