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Halloween 2022, and I’m on the SFF Addicts Podcast!

November 10, 2022

Is it too late to post Halloween pictures? Last week was beautiful weather for trick or treating in Chicago!

Ingrid and her best friend Rosie had an ambitious vision: a two-person costume that literally yoked them together all night, in which they were tourists in Paris in a Polaroid photo. Lots of praise from passersby for this resourceful costume, which miraculously didn’t fall apart! (Some young kids who had never seen a Polaroid were confused: “Are you on TV?”)

Meanwhile, I loved the super-creepy owl mask that Momo crafted. It was pretty chilling to see her floating around in her witchy black cloak.

Her friend Lucy D got cleverly and grueseomely conceptual with her costume, The Horror of Capitalism. And Ella knocked it out of the park as Lady Macbeth!

And what’s Halloween without jack o lanterns? We went over Chris and Alice’s house to carve pumpkins. From left to right, check out Alice’s masterfully crafted Nightmare Before Christmas scene! Lucy’s spooky tableau (which goes all the way around the pumpkin)! I carved the Japanese kanji for “oni” meaning monster or demon. Amalia created a queasy-looking weirdo, Ingrid a cruel-faced fellow with toothpick hair, and Heather carved a face that Domingo had drawn on his pumpkin that represented his friend (and the final product really did look like him!).

In other news, I was honored to be on a panel for the SFF Addicts Podcast. The topic was “Modern Sci-Fi Thrillers,” and I had a great time discussing it with big name heavy hitters like Mary Robinette Kowal, Sylvain Neuvel, Nia Davenport, and Jan Gilmartin. Host Adrian Gibson kept it all on track. You can even hear me quoting Matt Bird on the structure of thrillers (shhh, don’t tell him I cribbed his insights!). It’s a good conversation, worth listening to!

Short post for today. Back to editing my next novel, Bride of the Tornado, which is due to come out autumn 2023! I can’t wait for this book to go out into the world at last!