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90-Second Newbery films from The Foote School in New Haven, CT

The fifth graders from The Foote School in New Haven, CT sent in 7 videos for the 2011 90-Second Newbery film festival. They did a great job! Let’s watch them all!

A Bridge to Terabithia by Erin and Lauren. I particularly like the cathartic “Dead! Dead! WHYYYYYY!!!” at the end.

Bud, Not Buddy by Evan, Jake, William B., and William W. My favorite part was the long conversation and recognition scene of the rock. Well-staged and acted!

Holes by Vincent. I appreciated the loving attention paid to sound and audio cues in this one! I especially enjoyed the decision to blare hot-jazz music every time the cops talk. This movie features the quickest recovery from vomiting I’ve ever witnessed. And the perfunctory brevity of its final cut is quite funny!

The View from Saturday by Juli, Lindsay, and Pilar. Pleasantly brisk, and I liked how they handled introducing each character and the quiz contest scene . . .

The Westing Game by Dani, Jonah, and William W. Admirably boils down the super-complicated plot, and the kid who kept jumping in yelling “or did he?” and “or is he?” cracked me up, especially when he admitted “oh yeah . . . he actually did” and the other boy impatiently shouted “get out of here!”

When You Reach Me by Elsa Rose, Lili, Liza, and Rebecca. This movie has the most hilariously miscast “old man” I’ve ever seen, and I’m amazed at how meticulously and clearly it honored the actual plot of the book! Good job!

The Witch of Blackbird Pond by Nandini. Quite inventive―perhaps one day Nandini will be a fledgling Terry Gilliam!

Thank you so much, everyone from the The Foote School! Great job!