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90-Second Newbery videos from Lukancic Middle School

These are the 90-Second Newbery videos from Lukancic Middle School in Romeoville, IL. Great job on these, Lukancic! First off, we have The Dark Is Rising by Susan Cooper, here interpreted by Alex:

I particularly liked the kid who played the Dark Rider and Roger Staunton. His line “So, how’s your flute going?” cracked me up. Also, seeing the cast perform “I Want To Know What Love Is” at the end both delighted me . . . and was strangely terrifying.

Next, My Side of the Mountain by Jean Craighead George, as interpreted by Elizabeth:

These videos are getting more and more surreal! I especially enjoyed the Twilight frame around the story, with the comically large remote control. And I also liked when Pa was starting his story: “Once, when I was a boy, I ran away and I got on a ship for Singapore and . . . ” and the kid just says “OK, Pa,” gets up and leaves. Does justice to the plot of the book too! The hopeless last line (“We’re going to force you to stop living in your tree and build a house where you’re going to live and there’s nothing you can do about it until you’re 18!” “Aw, man!”) is bleakly amusing as well. Great job!

Next up, Hatchet by Gary Paulsen, as interpreted by Luc:

What a great idea to do Hatchet in the style of a John Hughes-style 1980s montage! It was lucky for Brian that the berry bush was conveniently labeled “berry bush.” I also have great affection for the human tornado who came rushing into the scene. But why are those two girls sitting in the background holding green paper over their faces? And why do they run away? This video is full of mysteries. I liked it!

Next up: Somewhere in the Darkness by Walter Dean Myers, adapted by Sierra:

A really good performance of the main character, and it was creatively shot and staged! Although, if I remember correctly, this is just the beginning of the story, right?

Next, Shiloh by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor:

Sock puppets! A masterstroke! I never expected how satisfying it would be to watch sock-puppets kung-fu fighting. Also, when a sock puppet says, “do I look like an idiot?” maybe it’s best not to answer. I like the way the sock puppets get drunk, and the “Get a life, people!” at the end was priceless.

And last but not least, another version of The Dark Is Rising, this time by Laurel:

Another entertaining video! Why is it that the Dark Rider is always the most watchable character? I liked her “and frankly, I am creepy” and the way she twiddled her fingers.

Great job, Lukancic Middle School!