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The Order of Oddfish


The Art of The Order of Odd-Fish

Receiving fan art has been the happiest surprise about publishing The Order of Odd-Fish. I feel like the artist and I are working together to co-create a world. I love it when the artist puts his or her own twist on Odd-Fish, adding elements that aren’t technically in my story but probably should’ve been—ideas that are quintessentially Oddfishian, and yet uniquely the artists’ own.

I’ve also been astonished by the variety of media used! The drawings, paintings, and computer art I’ve seen have been stellar. And I never would’ve expected someone would make a stained glass window of Sefino. Or brew a Belgian Prankster beer! And the cake depicting the giant fish vomiting the Odd-Fish lodge into Eldritch City? Classic. (My editor said it was “simultaneously the most impressive and least appetizing cake I’ve ever seen.” Win!) Not to mention a stunning series of cut-paper art, plus oodles of wild illustrations!

With the artists’ permission, I’m proudly sharing their art here on my site. Check out the galleries to the right to see the great work inspired by The Order of Odd-Fish. I’m honored and humbled at the talent.

If you have some Odd-Fish art you’d like to share, send it to me at kennedyjames [at] gmail [dot] com. Sending fan art to me grants me the right to post the pictures to my fan art gallery and to other websites where I sometimes post content (like Facebook or Jacketflap) and to share at public readings, school visits, etc. I won’t sell or otherwise publish your pictures. I just want to share them with the world!

Include your name, where you’re from, and your age. I will post this info with your picture in the gallery only with your permission. If you want, I’ll also link to your own website or DeviantArt profile or whatever if you want me to. I promise I won’t post your contact info or share it with anyone.

UPDATE: On April 17, 2010, we had a righteous gallery show of over 100 pieces of Odd-Fish fan art in Chicago! With the help of theater group Collaboraction, the evening included costumed battle-dancing in the Dome of Doom, a raucous marching band, and 250+ guests carousing the night away. Lurid pictures, astonishing video, and shocking revelations from the night here.
Paper Art