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The Order of Oddfish


The Odd-Fish Art of Max Pitchkites

October 29, 2009


Whaaat! The website’s been totally redesigned! I’m very pleased with how it came out. Thanks to Bentley Holmes-Gull for his design chops and technical savvy. I highly recommend him. He did a spectacular job!

There’s lots of new stuff! (Not too much, mind you. I know you’re busy.) For instance, here’s information about having me visit your school, library, or bookstore for an author event.

But I’m most excited about the new gallery of Order of Odd-Fish fan art! Today I want to feature one artist in particular.


In the summer of 2009 I discovered, via Twitter, some cool cut-paper art from The Order of Odd-Fish. The artist’s name is Max Pitchkites, and I was so impressed by what he’d done that I asked for more!

chapter2_Korsakov_and_Sefino_by_supacrazy chapter3_Cavendish__s_head_by_supacrazy

This ranks among some of the most brilliant art that’s come out of Odd-Fish. Max is now doing cut-paper scenes for each chapter of the book. So far Max has finished 13 of the 28 chapters (1-3, 5, 8, and 21-28).

Please, please, check out this gallery of Max’s cut-paper Odd-Fish art I’ve set up. It includes all the chapters he’s completed so far, along with commentary from him and me.

But I can’t resist including all the images in this post, as long as I have your attention. (In the interests of brevity, I’ll restrain myself from commenting on the images, but you can read all my ecstatic praise, and Max’s commentary, in the gallery.) Above, we’ve already seen the fish vomiting the lodge into Eldritch City, the ruby palace, Jo meeting Korsakov and Sefino, Mr. Cavendish’s head gone amok at the Dust Creek Cafe, and Ken Kiang. Below, we have even more great cut-paper art, such as Jo decoding her father’s message, and blacking out in the Dome of Doom:

chapter_21 chapter_25

And Ken Kiang’s musical:

Jo venturing into the Eldritch City asylum to confront the Belgian Prankster, and the Wormbeards lodge:

chapter_24 chapter_22

The riot outside the Odd-Fish lodge:


The All-Devouring Mother rampaging through Eldritch City, gobbling everything she sees:

And the final feast at the Odd-Fish lodge:


Again, I recommend checking out the gallery to see the complete collection, with larger-sized images, along with praise from me and commentary from Max.

Thanks, Max, for some unforgettable Odd-Fish art. I can’t wait to see how you will top yourself next!