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The Order of Oddfish


Winners were glorified, losers were eaten

October 21, 2010

Thanks to everybody who made it out to the Dome of Doom last Saturday! We had beautiful weather for it, and the talented team at Collaboraction did a brilliant job of pulling it all together. Thanks also to Brandon Will for helping me sell books! (Brandon was also my partner-in-crime in my Audrey Niffenegger impersonation caper.)

Last time we did this, we had the services of the costumed marching band Environmental Encroachment (check out the joyfully ludicrous video!) This time we had the similarly fantastic DJing of Jayve Montgomery. We also had a giant eyeball to loom over us.

The premise of the Dome of Doom is that two combatants put on costumes, get in the dome, and battle-dance at each other (no touching) until the judges call a winner. It’s a recreation of one of the scenes in The Order of Odd-Fish. (A more complete video explanation here.)

Before we began the Dome of Doom, a huge anti-war march passed right by us!

After the protest of the real war went by, we went back to our fake battles. After all, Cthulhu showed up:

Thanks again, everyone who came out! I can’t resist—I have to end with one more shot of Cthulhu and his lovely wife:

There, now I’m happy.