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The Order of Oddfish


More Odd-Fish Art, with Eldritch Snitches!

November 17, 2010

In Chicago? Tonight (Wednesday, 11/17) I’ll be doing an author meet-and-mingle at the Newberry Library with fellow writers Bryan Gruley, Hannah Pittard, Delphine Pontvieux, Tasha Alexander, and Andrew Grant. Come hang out! 20% off of all purchases at the Newberry Library Bookstore. 5-7 pm.

It’s been a while since I’ve featured Order of Odd-Fish fan art on the blog. The marvelous painting above is by Johanna Klay. It’s from the first chapter: Aunt Lily’s costume party at the ruby palace!

I particularly like the deft composition here. Aunt Lily is of course the center of attention, her hips cocked provocatively, with a bemused Jo naturally in the background, and Colonel Korsakov (complete with daffodil on his head!) breaking into their world from the left. We even get the alligator in the bikini I mentioned, cavorting goofily! (Another piece of art I received of Lily’s costume party also has an alligator with a bikini in it. An unexpectedly popular image . . .)

I received Johanna’s awesome painting too late for it to be in the Odd-Fish fan art show back in April, but if we ever re-stage the show, this will be a standout!

Here’s another wonderful piece, which was in the Odd-Fish art show, but I haven’t gotten around to posting it until now (sorry!). It’s the scene during the victory party after Jo’s duel in the Dome of Doom, when Jo kisses Ian, to the dismay of gangster queen Oona Looch. It’s by Miss-Artist on DeviantArt. She captured the moment quite well—I like Oona Looch’s look of startled disappointment, and how both Jo and Ian’s eyes are wide open. They’re both as shocked as Oona Looch is. Thanks for a great piece, Miss-Artist! (For those Oona Looch fans out there, here’s another picture of her, by Chen Reichert.)

I’ve also received a lot of good fan art from Cynthia Castiglione’s class at Near North Montessori in Chicago. (They’re the ones who baked the avant-garde pies back in June.) Here’s even more creative fan art from them: they wrote their own issues of the Eldritch Snitch!

These are pretty hilarious, and they speak for themselves. I especially like how they romantically link Sefino with Lady Gaga and Ke$ha, divulge revelations about Lily Larouche’s “old husband Doug,” how Mrs. Frisby is writing into the Eldritch Snitch (some Secret of NIMH crossover fiction?), and how Sefino was spotted at “the men’s section of the mall.” A great extension of the Odd-Fish universe! THANK YOU!