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Odd-Fish Fan Art Cavalcade: Sefino Doll, Universe-Creation Comic, and Sewer Scene

April 6, 2012

Lots of news to talk about, but WAIT WHAT IS THIS?! Yes: a plush doll version of Sefino from The Order of Odd-Fish. A very, very, very kind birthday treat for me, by one Emily Bricker, a.k.a. “GlobalSoft Pirka.” She had previously done some awesome Odd-Fish fan art here and here and here (this one even includes an animated music video) but this just might be my favorite! I’m blown away and humbled and honored that she made a doll of my cockroach butler.

Look at him! The bespoke purple suit-jacket! The ominous-yet-cute clicking mandibles! The kawaii eyes! Emily, I’m just not worthy of this. THANK YOU so much for making it—it shall take a place of honor in my heart next to the plush chibi doll versions of Waitress Jo and Aznath Jo.

This might be my last time blogging for the next two weeks or so. No doubt about it: the next two weeks are going to be intense. After Easter in Michigan with the family, I’m embarking on a 9-day mini-tour visiting Abington Friends School (who made a great Where the Mountain Meets the Moon for the 90-Second Newbery Film Festival), Tredyffrin Public Library (who made a similarly ace Holes), and Springfield Township High School and Junior High in Pennsylvania; then zipping over to Washington, D.C. to visit Sidwell Friends School (who made an unforgettable 90-Second Newbery Claymation version of Island of the Blue Dolphins and many more) and St. Catherine Laboure School; and the Field School in Charlottesville, VA (who also did five very enjoyable 90-Second Newbery videos).

But before I go—behold the power of this next piece of Odd-Fish fan art, retelling the legend of how the universe, and the All-Devouring Mother, came to be (click image to enlarge so you can read the words):

Another hit! This one is by Kirsten Atwood, who is herself an aspiring writer (I’m enjoying reading the start of her book Kindle-Sun). I love the goofy joviality of the All-Loving Mother, the bickering chatter of the gods stuffed in her belly, and of course the epic god-vomit. Thank you, Kirsten! (Double threat: writer and artist . . . something I’m afraid I could never pull off . . . my almost-three-year-old daughter is already drawing better than me.)

One more before we go! This picture is by Emily, whose school I visited a couple weeks ago. It’s the scene where Jo has followed “Nick” into the sewers of Eldritch City, and “Nick” and Ian have just jumped down the hole, leaving her alone and scared:

Another bullseye, Emily! I like the ominous green shimmer coming from the hole and Jo’s gasp of terror. If you want to see more of Emily work, check out this cool opening sequence for Teenage Ichthala that she made. Go Emily! Well done on both counts.

Thank you, everyone, for your splendid Odd-Fish art! I can’t tell you how pleased and thrilled I am when I see stuff like this. The complete gallery of all the Odd-Fish fan art I’ve received is here, though unfortunately I haven’t updated it in a while—I’d better get cracking on that.