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The Order of Oddfish


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May 7, 2012

I am deep in writing mode, and so this post will be short. Above are two brand-new pieces of top-notch Order of Odd-Fish fan art I’ve received. On the right: a graceful Sefino, resplendent in his exquisitely tailored “fifteen-piece suit,” courtesy of Diana Todd, also known as Loki God of Tricks on DeviantArt. I love the jaunty manner in which Sefino doffs his hat, the insouciant way he grips his walking-stick, the subtly stylish flare of the trousers . . . and best of all, he looks like a true, honest-to-goodness cockroach! Back in 2010, Diana had graced me with three other fantastic pieces. It’s a delight to see how her style has evolved. Thank you!

And the piece on the left, above? It’s a gorgeously colorful illustration of Ken Kiang riding the Schwenk! This comes from Isaac, one of the kids at Aaron Zenz’s Bookie Woogie blog, which just gave a wonderful positive review to The Order of Odd-Fish here.

Not to be outdone, Isaac’s sister Lily did a similarly awesome drawing of the scene where Jo, Ian, and “Nick” are riding squids in the flooded underground cathedral:

And his other sister Gracie drew a hilarious picture of when Mr. Cavendish’s head is flying around the Dust Creek Cafe:

The maniacal expressions on everyone’s faces make this picture so awesome. I love them all!

Longtime readers of the blog will remember that it’s the Bookie Woogie blog that did this flat-out incredible shadow-puppet 90-Second Newbery video of Where the Mountain Meets the Moon, which went on to win the School Library Journal’s Trailee award. Lily also went solo and made another 90-Second Newbery, this time of Lloyd Alexander’s classic The Black Cauldron, and it always gets a great response from audiences—a true 90-Second Newbery classic.

Good gravy, is there nothing THE TALENT FAMILY can’t do? But I wouldn’t expect anything less of the children of Aaron Zenz, whose books you must check out. Do it!

The last time we heard from Kirsten Atwood, I had shown off her charming comic strip that told the Ichthala’s legend of how the universe began. Now Kirstin is back with a monstrous illustration of the nang-nang—the spastic, fingernail-devouring creature that gets loose in the Municipal Squires’ Authority. Wonderfully done! I like how this mirrors the ostriches-with-necks-tangled-up chapter emblems on the book, too:

Thanks, Kirsten! I’m proud to share this with everyone. And even prouder to link to Kirsten’s piece of Order of Odd-Fish fan fiction! It’s called “The Ritual of the Rising Moon” and you can read it here. Ever wondered about other Odd-Fish specialties, such as “ridiculous headgear” or “whimsical dances”? Or an eyewitness account of one of the ancient disasters of Eldritch City told about in the tapestry? Kirsten’s got you covered. She promises more fan fiction on the way. Her writing chops are excellent. I foresee great things for Kirsten Atwood.

We started out today’s post with Ken Kiang mounted on the Schwenk. So let’s wrap it up with Ken Kiang dancing his very own EVIL DANCE, courtesy of Emily Bricker, also responsible for plush-doll Sefino and much other gloriousness:

Ken Kiang’s manic twitchiness makes me want to get up and move. I’ve got to get back to work! But thanks everyone for all the creative work you’ve sent my way. I am very appreciative, and I’m impressed by your talents.