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The Order of Oddfish


I’ll be at ALA this weekend. Plus: Odd-Fish fan art, cakes, and board game!

June 27, 2013

Attending the American Library Association conference in Chicago this weekend? Me too! On Saturday I’ll be talking about the 90-Second Newbery Film Festival for one of their “Conversation Starter” presentations and also signing The Order of Odd-Fish at the Random House booth. On Sunday I’ll be appearing at the YA Author Kaffeeklatsch. Check out my events page for details.

Back in May I visited some schools in near Rochester, New York. One of them was Avon High School, and I received some stellar Order of Odd-Fish fan art from there. First up, the above portrait of Jo Larouche in her waitress uniform, by Anna Christiano, also known as “Chrome.” Extremely well done! Jo’s eyes in particular are haunting. The silhouette of the Ichthala monster looming in the background was a masterstroke. Thank you so much, Anna! This is one of the best Jo portraits I’ve received.

But that’s not all I got from Avon High School. Right when I walked into the library I saw this:

Not a bad way to be greeted, come to think of it! I was also greeted by two Odd-Fishian cakes: one in the shape of the fish, the other with six ostriches hiding their heads in the rice-krispy-treat sand. Those ostriches were edible, too! Ingenious and tasty!

Thanks again, Avon High School, and all the other high schools I visited while in the area (Attica, Byron-Bergen, and Letchworth). This is the same neck of the woods where they have the legendary Rochester Teen Book Festival. They treat authors right in the state of New York!

I’ll wrap up this post with something I’ve been meaning to share for a while: pictures of a unique and wonderful Odd-Fish board game made by Amanda Simpson, whom I met long ago in 2012 when I spoke in the Mississippi Delta. The game takes you all around Eldritch City, from the Odd-Fish knight’s lodge to the offices of the Eldritch Snitch to the set of “Teenage Ichthala” to the lodge of the Wormbeards. And check out the Schwenk peeking in the right-hand side! Superior work, Amanda!

Thanks for the marvelous Odd-Fish art, everyone! I really appreciate it.