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The Order of Oddfish


More Odd-Fish art. And new stories coming!

September 25, 2013

aa Belgian Prankster by VremyaControl EXPORTaa Sefino by VremyaControl EXPORT

Back in the saddle after a two-monthblog hiatus! But lots to show for it. Two very long short stories WRITTEN and DONE. One of them 10,000 words, the other 20,000 words. Another short story almost done. That one’s going to be 50,000 words, so it’s more like a novella. It feels good! Also, I’ll be reading the first chapter of my novel-in-progress The Magnificent Moots on Tuesday, October 1 at the “Glitter & Mayhem” edition of Tuesday Funk, a reading series at the Hopleaf in Chicago. Stuff is happening!

But wait, I’m burying the lede! New Order of Odd-Fish fan art alert! Look these striking portraits of The Belgian Prankster and Sefino by VremyaControl on DeviantArt, above. I love the maniacal, unbalanced glare in the Belgian Prankster’s eyes, his jagged teeth, his monstrous ears . . . and that flaming kitten Hindenburg is a delicious detail! And let’s not forget this exquisite Sefino, a scrupulously accurate sketch of what the cockroach butler looked like at the Founder’s Day festival, when he “sported white velvet trousers lined with gold braid, furry pink boots, a puffy blouse, and a sombrero covered in hundreds of blinking electronic lights.” Nailed it, VremyaControl! Thanks so much!

But wait, that’s not all! This just came to my attention, courtesy of my niece and all-around-champ Freya. It’s by her friend Declan Ryan, and it’s an illustration of the Odd-Fish lodge in the giant fish’s stomach:

lodge in fish by Declan Ryan

Great work, Declan! I love the vastness of the composition, and the incongruousness of the lodge in the weirdly austere innards of the fish, how it feels so dwarfed and yet out-of-place and yet utterly normal. Love it, and I hope to see more!

Speaking of hoping to see more, here’s something special from Lucie, who used to live in Chicago but is now in Florida. It’s one of the armored flying ostriches ridden by the knights of Eldritch City:


Lucie tells me she’s working on an Order of Odd-Fish movie and it’ll probably be animated. This is definitely a strong beginning! I like your style, Lucie, and I hope to see more soon!

Thanks for all the great art, everyone!