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The Order of Oddfish


More Odd-Fish art of Jacob von Borg (and his sisters!)

July 8, 2013

Busy here! Just returned from a family weekend in South Bend to celebrate my in-laws’ 50th wedding anniversary. It was a three-day party with what seemed like most of my wife Heather’s parents’ friends and family in attendance (including my own folks!). All of my parents-in-law’s children, grandchildren, and children’s spouses did a show in which we performed songs that were #1 on their anniversary, July 6, throughout the years. Wisely, I was not called upon to sing, but had more of a narrator role, or like Our Town‘s Stage Manager. In any case: a lot of fun!

I’m also smack in the middle of teaching a 90-Second Newbery filmmaking class at Northwestern University for their Center for Talent Development. It’s a kind of camp for gifted kids. I’ll also be teaching a science fiction and fantasy writing class there, just like I did last year and the year before.

But wait, I’m burying the lede! What are these brilliant pieces of Order of Odd-Fish that grace this post? Well, some of you might remember a few posts ago, how I highlighted the art of Jacob von Borg, an Odd-Fish fan and 90-Second Newbery filmmaker who wowed me with his character concept art and illustrations for chapters 1-3. Today Jacob’s back with illustrations for chapters 4-6. What’s more, his sisters have contributed great work too! I’m amazed and grateful!

I love Jacob’s take on Chapter 4. Scroll back up to admire it afresh! It’s from when Lily Larouche’s ruby palace is filled with hallucinogenic insecticide and Jo and Korsakov seem to multiply before Sefino’s eyes. Great jittery, striking composition here, and Korsakov’s mustaches are to die for!

Jacob also did splendid illustrations for Chapter 5 (about the boredom of Ken Kiang as he considers becoming evil; love the double-silhouette that underlines his dilemma) and Chapter 6 (Korsakov’s shot-down plane being eaten by a giant fish; Jacob really gives a sense of scale here well, and the sun setting right above is the perfect touch).

Jacob also got his sisters Hanna and Alex to read the book too, and they also sent along some really cool art! Here are their two interpretations of Jo (Alex’s on the left, Hanna’s on the right):

Great work! According to Jacob, Hanna was heard to say (spoiler alert!) “WHY, WHY, WHY!?!? WHY DID YOU KILL AUNT LILY!?!?!? WHY!?!?! ANYBODY BUT AUNT LILY!!!!!” and ” I absolutely LOVE what happens to Ken Kiang.” Thanks, Hanna! I absolutely love your art, and Alex’s and Jacob’s!

Let’s end with Alex’s Sefino:

Fantastic! Thanks again, everyone in the von Borg family!