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The Order of Oddfish


Thanks for the Order of Odd-Fish Fan Art!

March 17, 2014

Busy here lately! The (sold-out!) New York 90-Second Newbery Film Festival screening is just around the corner, and right now I’m appearing at the Warrensburg Children’s Literature Festival. All told, it’ll be about ten days away from my daughters Lucy and Ingrid, who are about to turn 5 and 3, respectively! I just realized I don’t put enough of them up on the blog. Maybe I’ll rectify that after the New York screening. Heather will be joining me in New York, and it’ll be a nice mini-vacation for us.

In the meantime, March 9 was my birthday! I’m 41 now. Heather and I celebrated by taking Lucy and Ingrid to see Frozen, but the girls both freaked out when the snow monster appeared. We had to leave. So here’s how my birthday ended: at 1 a.m., watching a torrented Frozen because I really needed to see how it ended. Clearly 41 years old is not quite as spectacular as 25 (all-night party in Tokyo!), or 30 (Heather and I took a 3-week trip to Costa Rica!), or even 35 (a surprise roast by all my friends!) . . . yes, 41 is a bit calmer.

Here’s a cool thing about this year’s birthday, though: these Order of Odd-Fish fan art birthday cards! The first, above, is by Jacob von Borg, who has previously shared his great Odd-Fish fan art (here and here) and is also one of the masterminds behind the two marvelous 90-Second Newbery movies I’ve received (Frog and Toad Together and The Old Tobacco Shop).

Anyway, check out Jacob’s birthday card for me above, with its mishmash, mogrelized All-Devouring Mother. That design was exactly the vibe I was going for when I wrote it. Pretty terrifying, actually, the more I look at it! I can’t wait to see what Jacob and his family and Portland Community Media has planned for next year’s 90-Second Newbery, too. I got a chance to hang out with Jacob (all-too-briefly) after the Portland screening, and a nicer person you’d never find. Thanks, Jacob!

Speaking of nice folks, Emily Bricker linked me to this wonderful Odd-Fish-style birthday card:

I love that Ken Kiang has a candy corn, of course . . . and that naturally Korsakov is the most enthusiastic eater! Fantastic work as always, Emily. One of these days I hope to meet you in Toronto!

Speaking of Odd-Fish fan art, a few months ago a certain 14-year-old Isabelle from a Chicago suburb sent this gorgeous Oona Looch:

I love how Isabelle nailed all the details: not only Oona’s bald head with the mysterious scars, but the sly way she’s looking off to the side, with a roguish smirk. Pure Looch! I love it. Isabelle came to know of Odd-Fish from when I spoke with Lemony Snicket in Chicago back in November. She picked up my book along with his and I’m glad she did! I wasn’t there to sign it (I was speaking onstage at the time), but Isabelle says that Snicket signed it in my stead, “flippantly” as she reports.

Remember Jacob, whose All-Devouring Mother kicked off this post? His sister Hanna also does some Odd-Fish art, and it’s also great, so let’s wind up the post with her takes on Jo and Fiona:

Top-notch work, Hanna! It was great saying hi to you in Portland too.

Thanks, everyone, for your Order of Odd-Fish art! Next stop, New York City . . .