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The Order of Oddfish


Odd-Fish Art Roundup

June 11, 2014

I haven’t been blogging lately because I’m hard at work writing! But I thought I’d come up for air and share some really fantastic pieces of Order of Odd-Fish art I’ve come across lately.

First of all—check out that TATTOO above! It belongs to Katherine Megna, one of the wonderful women who runs the Laurel Village branch of Books Inc. in San Francisco. That bookstore has been extraordinarily supportive of the 90-Second Newbery Film Festival, and I’ve also done a reading there. That’s when I first met Katherine, and she told me she intended to get a tattoo of a line from Odd-Fish . . . and lo and behold, the next time I saw her, there it was! Sir Oort’s line, “It is my job to be wrong in new and exciting ways,” tattooed right below the back of Katherine’s neck! I can’t tell you how honored I am by this. Never would I have dreamed that someone would get something I wrote tattooed on them. And what a beautiful tattoo, too! Thanks so much for this, Katherine. You make me feel legit!

Back in April, I had the pleasure of doing an author visit at Dubois Area Middle School in Dubois, Pennsylvania. (That’s pronounced “due-boys,” and not “due-bwah,” as I was quickly corrected.) Dubois was a bit out of the way: first I had to fly from Chicago to Cleveland on a normal plane, but then from Cleveland to Dubois in a small 16-seat plane, where the only passengers were me and an old lady. The pilots made the old lady and I sit on opposite ends of the plane, to balance the plane’s weight out. I loved it.

I loved Dubois, too! I got a great welcome from the teachers and librarians, and the students there were not only a friendly and receptive audience, but a few weeks after my presentation, they sent me all this great Order of Odd-Fish fan art! It’s an impressive haul!

I’ve posted all the Odd-Fish art I’ve received from Dubois here. There are way too many pieces of art for me to do detailed comments on each one, but just let it be said, I’m blown away by all the talent and craft on display here. Thanks, Dubois! I’m looking forward to coming back again someday. (And for those passing through, the wings at the airport are pretty good.)

I link to all the art from Dubois above. But just to whet your appetite, here’s an impressive rendering of Sefino, by Jacob Rupert:

Jo and Ian ride an elephant around the streets of Eldritch City, by Alexis Maze:

Jo, Ian, and Colonel Korsakov hunting the Schwenk, by Blaze Welpott:

The Ichthala rampages around Eldritch City, by Josiah Connor:

Again, you can find the rest of the Odd-Fish art from Dubois here.

Thanks so much, everyone! I hope you’re enjoying the summer.