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The Order of Oddfish




Date Title
1/13/2011 The 90-SECOND NEWBERY Film Festival
3/6/2009 America, Emulate This Man
7/13/2009 I Win the Newbery
4/23/2010 The Dome of Doom Odd-Fish Art Party
4/14/2011 Neil Gaiman Feud: RESOLVED
11/17/2008 The Strange Ship

Date Title
11/19/2011 90-Second Newbery, Chicago Style: A Recap, plus the premiere of Onion John
11/14/2011 90-Second Newbery CHICAGO This Wednesday! Plus Wringer and The Higher Power of Lucky
11/7/2011 90-Second Newbery Film Festival in NYC was a blast!
11/2/2011 A Hodgman near-miss, plus 90-Second Newbery three-way for Good Masters! Sweet Ladies!
10/28/2011 90-Second Newberys from Sidwell Friends School, including a Claymation Island of the Blue Dolphins
10/26/2011 90-Second Newbery, Chicago Style: The Great Fire and A Ring of Endless Light
10/24/2011 90-Second Newbery: A Single Shard Double Feature
10/21/2011 90-Second Newbery: Crispin: The Cross of Lead and Holes
10/19/2011 90-Second Newbery: The ABC Bunny, From the Mixed-Up Files, and . . . Tales of a Fourth-Grade Nothing?!
10/17/2011 90-Second Newbery, Puppetry Edition: Dark Emperor and Because of Winn-Dixie
10/14/2011 90-Second Newberys From NYC: Where the Mountain Meets the Moon, The Westing Game, and The Whipping Boy
10/11/2011 90-Second Newbery: A Cricket in Times Square and Frog and Toad Together
10/7/2011 Chibi Me, plus 90-Second Newbery: The Black Cauldron and Princess Academy
9/27/2011 Daughter Update, plus 90-Second Newbery: The Whipping Boy and Lukancic Middle School
9/16/2011 90-Second Newbery, New Zealand Edition: A Single Shard (2002) and A Bridge to Terabithia (1978)
9/7/2011 90-Second Newbery: The Graveyard Book, Charlotte’s Web, and When You Reach Me
9/1/2011 Shelly Tan’s Odd-Fish and Moots fan art, plus A Bridge to Terabithia 90-Second Newbery
8/24/2011 90-Second Newbery: Savvy (2009), The Giver (1994), and Riverside-a-palooza!
8/15/2011 Odd-Fish Fan Art Round-Up! And Magnificent Moots art preview
8/7/2011 90-Second Newberys from Toronto! The Graveyard Book (2009) and When You Reach Me (2010)
8/4/2011 “90-Second Newbery” Film Festival at the Chicago Public Library, November 16!
7/31/2011 Odd-Fish Art From My Teaching Gig
7/26/2011 DOME OF DOOM this Friday in Wicker Park!
7/13/2011 Der Orden der Seltsamen Sonderlinge!
7/6/2011 90-Second Newbery: The 21 Balloons (1948)
6/29/2011 Triumph of the Hornschemeier
6/21/2011 See you at ALA! Plus: The Foote School’s 90-Second Newberys
6/17/2011 I’m Back! Also: Ramona Quimby, Age 8 90-Second Newbery
5/17/2011 Ingrid Astri Kennedy
5/15/2011 90-Second Newbery: Another Where the Mountain Meets the Moon (2010) and Walk Two Moons (1995)
5/9/2011 90-Second Newbery: The Witch of Blackbird Pond (1959) and A Wrinkle in Time (1963)
5/2/2011 90-Second Newbery: Where the Mountain Meets the Moon by Grace Lin (2010)
4/14/2011 Neil Gaiman Feud: RESOLVED
4/13/2011 Odd-Fish Art Show at Hegeler Carus Mansion
3/27/2011 Odd-Fish Art Show at Mansion this Saturday!
3/10/2011 Odd-Fish meets Monty Python and the Holy Grail (plus more), courtesy of Pirka!
3/8/2011 90-Second Newbery: Hatchet and Tale of Despereaux. Plus: Giver Trailer!
2/23/2011 Odd-Fish Art Show at the Hegeler Carus Mansion, April 2!
2/17/2011 Pirka Gives Me a Surprise
2/7/2011 90-Second Newbery: The Higher Power of Lucky (2007)
1/20/2011 Overwhelmed! (and congratulations, Shimmy!)
1/13/2011 The 90-SECOND NEWBERY Film Festival
1/7/2011 It’s a Girl!
11/26/2010 Special Space Edition: Killing Pluto, and Sci-Fi Home Movies
11/17/2010 More Odd-Fish Art, with Eldritch Snitches!
11/5/2010 Halloween 2010
10/21/2010 Winners were glorified, losers were eaten
10/14/2010 Freya’s Lily Larouche Rap
10/5/2010 Outdoor Dome of Doom on October 16!
9/28/2010 More Hailey McLaughlin art, plus accidental #twitfic
9/22/2010 These Are My People
9/1/2010 The Odd-Fish Curriculum
8/24/2010 Dawn Heath’s Odd-Fish Art, and Ted Leo’s “Broadway Musical”
8/19/2010 Dome of Doom in Logan Square this Sunday!
8/11/2010 Month at the Museum
7/16/2010 Mike Bricis’ Odd-Fish Art
7/2/2010 ALA Adventures and Polite Wars
6/11/2010 The Original Belgian Prankster
6/4/2010 Avant-Garde Pies Week, Part 2
6/1/2010 Avant-Garde Pies Week, Part 1
5/27/2010 The Odd-Fish Art of Breanna Bliss
5/17/2010 I am Audrey Niffenegger
5/14/2010 A Glorious Fish, and Korsakov’s Light-Up Digestion
5/12/2010 Odd-Fish Art: Laura vs. Laura
5/6/2010 Sammi Riff’s Odd-Fish Art
4/30/2010 Post-Show Roundup: Freya’s Odd-Fish Art
4/23/2010 The Dome of Doom Odd-Fish Art Party
4/18/2010 Dome of Doom: IT IS FINISHED
4/16/2010 Odd-Fish Art Show this Saturday!
4/9/2010 Odd-Fish Art: Chen Reichert and Tracy Weber
4/7/2010 Dome of Doom video explanation, plus the Odd-Fish art of Dawn Heath
4/5/2010 Odd-Fish Art: The Professionals
4/1/2010 Odd-Fish Art: Prequel Edition
3/25/2010 Odd-Fish Art: Two Views of Jo Hazelwood
3/22/2010 Odd-Fish Art: Guns and Dolls!
3/17/2010 Dome of Doom at 826CHI
3/8/2010 Dome of Doom Art Party 2010
3/4/2010 Odd-Fish art, a contest, and my radio debut!
2/25/2010 The Odd-Fish Art of Diana Todd
2/16/2010 The Origins of Eldritch City
2/9/2010 New art, and Odd-Fish paperback is out!
2/1/2010 Odd-Fish Art Update #5 and Literary Death Match
1/12/2010 Interview with The Weirdside
1/6/2010 Odd-Fish Art Update #4
11/29/2009 Interview with someone who hated Odd-Fish
11/17/2009 Odd-Fish Art Update #3
11/7/2009 The Order of Odd-Fish Mix
11/30/2009 Odd-Fish Art Update #2
11/20/2009 Odd-Fish Art Update #1
11/10/2009 A “Scathing” Review. Plus: Laughing Lucy!
11/3/2009 Call for Submissions: Odd-Fish Art Show
10/29/2009 The Odd-Fish Art of Max Pitchkites
10/19/2009 The Original Dome of Doom
10/14/2009 A sneak peek at The Magnificent Moots
10/7/2009 I Am Caught by Schaumburg Library Teens
9/22/2009 Goodbye, Brilliant Pebbles
9/9/2009 Dave Mancini and Supino Pizza
8/25/2009 The Brothers Delacorte
8/20/2009 Belgian Prankster beer! Ichthala Mask!
7/13/2009 I Win the Newbery
7/8/2009 Shrinky-dinks and Georgia’s ending for The Strange Ship: Part II
7/2/2009 An interview with Jessica Almasy
6/17/2009 I meet the cast of Mary Poppins
5/26/2009 Mr. Miatsu’s Deadly Game
5/17/2009 My protégée Freya
5/14/2009 A tale of two contests: The New Yorker and The Order of Odd-Fish
5/8/2009 Lucy Momo Kennedy
5/1/2009 Odd-Fish audiobook has dropped!
4/29/2009 “They promised always to treasure the bubble gum man”
4/28/2009 My Wife is Totally Pregnant
4/27/2009 Behold Murphblog’s Order of Odd-Fish Week
4/20/2009 Stunned by Elise’s Cake, Floored by Libby’s Ending
3/31/2009 The Hunting of the Schwenk
3/16/2009 Write the Ending for The Strange Ship, Part II
3/6/2009 America, Emulate This Man
2/18/2009 “Kennedy leapt about the room”
2/11/2009 Thanks, Mrs. Vivian’s Class!
2/3/2009 Interviews Ahoy!
1/16/2009 Whatever Happened to You, Jinx Girl?
11/30/2008 Our New Yorker Cartoon Game
11/17/2008 Gingerbread Palaces! Masquerading Aunts! Fewmets Haiku!
11/29/2008 The Art of Odd-Fish by DarkshireWarlock
11/17/2008 The Strange Ship
11/5/2008 The Sultan’s Envenomed Garden
10/1/2008 A Piece of Cake
9/24/2008 Too Dark Park
9/23/2008 Let’s open the metafictional mailbag
9/18/2008 The Talented Joe Conserti
9/4/2008 The Hornschemeier “Odd-Fish” Cover
8/21/2008 Sweet Release
8/18/2008 “Order of Odd-Fish” Release Party Tonight!
7/31/2008 The Death of Dark Yellow
7/14/2008 Dengue Fever and Other Things . . .